It’s the ones you meet along the way

One of Chiclet’s and my own favorite thing about traveling is meeting new and interesting people. And they are everywhere!

We are currently in the last hours of a two-week odyssey that took us from our home base on Rusty Metal Farm to New York (briefly for a flying layover) to a longer stay in Chicago to Bangor, Maine and Campobello, Maine.

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One lump or two? The hostesses at Tea With Eleanor on Campobello Island were charmed by this tiny dog and her good manners.

Along the way we had more fun than perhaps a woman and tiny dog should have. But have it we did! And we met some really, really wonderful folks from all walks of life. As far as Chiclet is concerned, there are no strangers – only friends she has not met yet. Who am I to argue? Especially when I see how happy she is interacting with people in our travels, and how happy they are to meet her.

When Chiclet met some bikers from Pennsylvania as they rode through Bangor, she hopped on board. I think she was hearing the call of the open road.
Spending a last few, fond moments with one of the sweet valets at Restoration Hardware Chicago — these young men always make sure to have treats on hand for the canines of the Gold Coast neighborhood.

So, next time you are traveling – be it to the corner store to to a new corner of the world, take time to look up disconnect from whatever electronic device you have going and say hello to that stranger sitting next to you or the one standing in line in front of you. Who knows? He or she could just be a friend you never met.

Hanging out pre-boarding with a Delta flight attendant at JFK in New York City.
Of course, the best meet ups are the ones with your BFF — like Lil Bean, a special correspondent to this blog.

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