Chiclet goes upriver

Sometimes a tiny dog needs to go where everyone knows her name.

So, recently I packed Chiclet up in her travel carrier and we took a drive west out of Fort Kent up along the St. John River and ended up in the tiny community of Allagash (population 236).

Located in northwest Aroostook County near the Canadian border where the Allagash and St. John rivers meet, where paved Route 161 ends and the dirt roads leading into the North Maine Woods begin, Allagash is also home to Two Rivers Lunch, the community’s only restaurant.

Chiclet was a hit with everyone at Two Rivers Lunch, including Tyler Kelly, father of the restaurant’s owner Darlene Kelly Dumond. They even had matching plaid vests!

Two Rivers is the kind of place that, after just one visit, everyone does, indeed know your name. And, if you take the time to chat with any of the locals enjoying a cup of coffee during the day, they will likely remember where you are from, what you do for a living and ask about your family on your next visit.

As for Chiclet, she was a hit from the moment she walked in and made herself completely at home.

Not an inch of Two Rivers Lunch is off limits to this tiny dog.

To say Two Rivers is dog-friendly is an understatement. Owner Darlene Kelly Dumond – the daughter of the restaurant’s founders – welcomes all four-pawed customer with open arms. For her part, Chiclet worked the room like a pro visiting with patrons and employees alike.

The menu at Two Rivers is typical diner – eggs, bacon, pancake for breakfast; burgers, sandwiches, soup and fries for lunch. But everything is homemade. And note, I say “pancake” singular. The flapjacks at Two Rivers are so large they take up an entire plate and are served one at a time.

Chiclet & pancake at Two Rivers Lunch. Does not get much better.

I’ve driven over winter roads and even biked the 40-miles just for one of those pancakes. And, arrive after the normal breakfast hour? No worries – Darlene and her crew will whip up one anytime.

Darlene Kelly Dumond, owner of Two Rivers Lunch, sits down for a typical Maine breakfast of pancake, beans and bacon.

It’s the kind of place loitering is not only allowed, it’s encouraged as the regulars swap stories, share jokes and catch up on the news of the day and everyone has VIP status.

Including Chiclet, a VITD — Very Important Tiny Dog.

Two Rivers Lunch is a 45-minute drive from Fort Kent and is open year round 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. or call 207-398-3393 for daily specials. Check them out of Facebook.


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