Tiny dog on the go

Chiclet and I plan to scout out dog-friendly destinations by land, sea and air. We’ll look at logistics in getting there, how “dog-friendly” these places really are and give some honest appraisals on whether it’s worth the trip or not.

We’ve already done some travels to spots in Maine, Quebec and Manitoba and we are happy to report that most places purporting to love dogs, really do.

According to a 2016 survey taken by the American Pet Association, 37 percent of pet owners are taking their four-legged friends on the road with them – up 19 percent from a decade ago. The travel industry, it appears is responding according to an article in the Chicago Tribune which said, “the [travel] industry is warming to four legged guests. The embrace is coming from hotels, restaurants, the airlines and even Amtrak, a longtime holdout.”

Chiclet and I can’t wait to find out more as we travel about.

Certainly, travel with pets does present some unique challenges, but the company of a furry companion does some amazing good to help de-stress after a day on the road or in the skies. If there is a comfy room and great meal waiting for the both of us at our destination – what could be better?

As we explore and report, Chiclet will help me rate destinations on a scale of one — dog friendly in name only — to five — dogs are treated almost better than guests — dog biscuits.

dog-bone-clipart-7caq69kcAWe’re also going to check out pet-travel gear and strategies to make trips easier, happier and safer for all involved.

It’s a big world and Chiclet is a tiny dog…¬†Believe me, she’s more than up for the task!





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