Tiny dog travels

Tiny dog travels

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I have become that person. The one you see in the airport with the special, soft-sided pet carrier with little eyes peeking out. Or the one at roadside rest stops walking a furry little buddy in the “pet-only” zone, eyes glued to my north-bound dog’s south-bound end, plastic bag at the ready. I’m also the one on hot days parked at the store with the car running and a sign in the front windshield, “Dog is fine, AC is on and she’s listening to music.”

In other words, I am have joined the ranks of pet owners who live by the credo, “No critter left behind.”

And it’s easier than you might think. Sure, it takes a bit of pre-planning when you include your furry friend and it often comes at a bit extra cost, but more and more places in the travel industry are acknowledging the popularity of pet-friendly travel and the needs of those doing it. And they are stepping up to meet those needs.

With the help of Chiclet — a 5-pound chihuahua/Yorkie cross rescued from a high kill shelter — we will track down and evaluate some of the best places to travel with your pet, how to plan that travel, accessories to make that travel safe and as trouble-free as possible and things to do to make sure you and your pet are always welcome back.

From time to time we’ll call on some of Chiclet’s travel-savvy friends to hear about some of their experiences and tips on how to navigate the world on four legs, fins or with feathers.

If you are ready, Chiclet is always up for a new destination. Let’s load up and head out!